Nazaré Giant Waves & Traditions

Nazaré Giant Waves & Traditions

We will take you to the place where the world record for the biggest-ever surfed wave was broken- several times!

The Nazaré canyon, a natural formation making a massively deep and large hole in the sea floor right next to the shoreline, creates massive waves that make this spot, Praia do Norte, a Meca for adventurous surfers all around the world. The canyon also hides a Nazi submarine, which was sunk there on purpose never to be found again…

You will visit the São Miguel de Arcanjo Fort, an old fortress that survived the Napoleon invasions, the Sanctuary and Memory Chapel, and will be able to have a breathtaking view of Nazaré and a great deal of the Silver Coast shore (all the way to the Berlengas Islands).

Last but for sure not least, you will also get to know Nazaré itself, a one-of-a-kind traditional fishing village, its narrow alleys facing the sea, and its old traditions like the “Dry Fish” and the puzzling “sights” of local women wearing their famous seven skirts.

The Route:

We will start in the lower part of the village where we will talk about fishing traditions such as the seven skirts. Then we leave for Sítio do Nazaré where the Sanctuary awaits us, as well as the chapel of the Memory and the Fort where we can see the splendorous ocean (and if it is between October and March we can see the giant waves).

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This guided tour is designed for everyone to learn more about these people who have embraced the sea as a way of life.

We will pass through several traditions that mark the Nazarene men and women, such as the tradition of drying fish to the use of the seven skirts. At the end, we will walk around and observe the place where the giant waves of Nazaré wash ashore.

The Tour is adjusted to the needs of each person, with several places where they can rest.

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* Get to Know the village 
* Get to Know the Nazaré Sanctuary
* Get to Know the Memory Chapel
* North beach the home of Nazaré Cannon



Every day

Tour Schedule:

 09am and 14pm

Meeting Point:

Nazaré Tourism Office (entrances)


2 to 4 pax (minimum 2 pax) = 30€ (each – Not Includes: Entrances, food, beverage)

 5 or more pax = Upon Budget

We do Private Tours


Upon Request

Tour Duration:

2 to 3 hours


Portuguese, English 

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