The Obidos Narrow Streets

The Obidos Narrow Streets: Blue, Yellow, Red and White

The Obidos Narrow Streets be an Explorer

The village of Obidos has a charm that comes from its people, its castle, the walls, the surrounding landscape but also its narrow streets.

These streets connect to each other through a traditional Portuguese sidewalk, irregular and full of stories, of artisans and their hands shaped by daily toil.

The whitewashed houses open their doors to those who visit the village along the lines of restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, museums and art galleries.

Walking through these streets is an exercise of pure pleasure in discovering new flavors such as cherry liqueur or just another photo

Obidos Main Gate (Porta da Vila)

The main of the four gates on the wall, to the south, the village gate, is an inevitable crossing point for anyone visiting the village.

This door that takes us to Rua Direita, welcomes the visitor with a remarkable display of traditional tiles in honor of the patron saint of the village, Nossa Senhora da Piedade.

Rua Direita

The street that runs through the village has preserved its name since the 14th century. Picturesque houses, small shops and restaurants follow the extensive street side by side, inside, we can discover a series of Gothic portals that demonstrate that today's urban configuration does not portray the original.

To appreciate the main street of the village is to walk it with the people and flavors of Obidos. We suggest a calm step, a glass of cherry in hand and a small chat with one of the local artisans.

Enjoy and discover more here about the Castle and the Walls of the town of Obidos or else the other annual events that will delight you! Take a peek here and discover the Chocolate Festival and Vila Natal!

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