Obidos Crafts

Tesouros de Óbidos!

Obidos Crafs: Local Traditions

Obidos Crafs an inside view

Verguinha is one of the products of Obidos crafts and is easily found in shops in the narrow streets of the village, namely in the Oficina das Artes also known as Oficina do Barro in Rua Direita nº 95.

The Verguinha technique has its origins in Italy and brought to Portugal by Bordalo Pinheiro and can be used in several elements, of which clay stands out here.

Verguinha is the technique of crossing clay threads on a base, which is usually plaster, the shapes of which are chosen by the artisans.

The best thing is to visit the village of Obidos to be able to see and touch the baskets and other utensils that are born of the will and of the local artisans.

Enjoy and discover more here about the Castle and the Walls of the village of Obidos or else the other annual events that will make you delight - the Chocolate Festival and Christmas Village!

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