Sour Cherry Liquor Experience

Sour Cherry Liquor Experience: Book Today!

Sour Cherry Liquor Experience: Tasting and Explore

Frutóbidos is a company that manufactures the real Ginja de Óbidos. It is at this starting point that we invite you to pay a visit to the world of sour cherries!

If you are passing through or on holiday in the village of Óbidos, one of the seven wonders of Portugal, take advantage and come to visit the Frutóbidos Factory, and come and see how Ginja de Óbidos is made, and of course at the end - try it.


You will start at the Frutóbidos store and finish at the same space. This being a circular visit where you will learn the story about the origin of the Licor de Óbidos, and then you will make a circuit where you will know all the processes that Ginja goes through until it is packed.

However you must choose which experience you want to do:

Visit A - With liquor tasting - 2.50 €

Visit B - Tasting the liquor and tasting Ginja D’Arte products - 5 €

Book your Sour Cherry Liquor Experience:

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For Explorers!

For all who are curious to know more about the history of Liquor de Ginja and then taste!

For you who love to discover, who seek to know and know more about the places you visit and who intend in some way to take home an experience that is also a journey.

The Guided Tour / City Tour - A Visit to the World of sour cherries is aimed at all ages, visitors, tourists and locals who are curious to know more and taste the real Cherry liquor.


* Ginja de Óbidos tasting
* Factory tour
* Hear the legends and myths about Ginja

Generic Information


From Monday to Friday

Schedules: to  and to

It Starts from:

Futóbidos Factory


Approximately 30m to 1h30 (depending on group size)


Portuguese / English

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