Óbidos International Chocolate and Pastry Festival

10 de Março a 2 de Abril de 2017!

Óbidos International Chocolate and Pastry Festival: Visit us!

Óbidos International Chocolate and Pastry Festival: For chocolate lovers!

The Óbidos International Chocolate and Pastry Festival is probably the sweetest festival in the Portuguese West.

Every year, around March and May Vila de Óbidos is invaded by greedy and greedy people looking for the most precious gift of the moment - Chocolate.

White, brown, black, simple, filled, with liqueur and without liqueur, the Festival is another production of Vila de Óbidos that brings us a panoply of national and international chocolate options.

That way we will be able to know what is best done with this ingredient that is considered as one of the most appreciated delicacies worldwide.

Upon entering the enclosure you will have the chance to learn from the best professionals through cooking workshops, where chocolate is always king.

For the little ones, Casa do Chocolate is reserved or the most varied sculptures produced in chocolate that provoke everyone's delight!

As previously mentioned, for lovers and chocolate lovers this is the event of the year in Óbidos.

For those who like Óbidos this is another way to rediscover the village that was considered

como uma das 7 Maravilhas de Portugal.

Event Location

The Óbidos International Chocolate and Pastry Festival takes place every year within the walls of the castle of Óbidos, so you must enter the village, go through Rua Direita and thus reach the "gates of happiness".

Inside the castle fence are almost all the activities that children can do and entertain themselves during the day.

Tickets and Prices

As a rule, before the enclosure (inside the castle fence) there are some points where you can purchase your entrance, namely the ticket office is at the village gate (or at Rua Direita near the entrance of the event.

Prices are usually divided into three categories:

  • Child Ticket: Free until 11 years old
  • Adult ticket: 6.5 € (from 12 years old)
  • Group ticket: 6 € per person (5 to 14 people)
  • (available at local event ticket offices)
    € 5.50 per person (+15 people)
    (Includes admission to the event, by appointment and prepayment to [email protected] or to nº 262 959 231, from Monday to Friday, 10 am / 5 pm)
    Municipality of Óbidos: Free admission
    (Upon mandatory presentation of ID or C. Citizen at the ticket office)

If you want you can choose to buy your tickets online on the Event website!


Schedules of the Óbidos Chocolate Festival

The hours can always undergo some change so we always suggest searching on the event's official platform.

  • Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 8pm

How to get to Óbidos

Located just 45 minutes from the Portuguese capital Lisbon, this western village has excellent accessibility conditions for those who choose to come by car, bus or even by train.

If you come from Lisbon you can opt for the A8 Motorway the cost is + - 5 € of tolls and 45 minutes of travel (depending on the accelerator).

If you come through Porto, you can choose to take the A1 Motorway and then in Leiria take the A8 Motorway towards Lisbon with a stop in Óbidos.

If you prefer public transport you can make the trip via Rede-Expresso (Sete-Rios station) or Rodoviária do Oeste (Campo Grande station).

If you choose the train, just pay attention to the fact that the Óbidos railway station is still a considerable distance from the town center.

Tips that you can´t miss

When choosing to visit the Chocolate Festival in Óbidos, you should know that the organization indicates that "there are some constraints on accessibility for people with reduced mobility" permanent and temporary "(wheelchairs, people with limited mobility, prams)".

At these times of events, the flow of visitors increases significantly, so you should pay attention to some important details to consider:


Car parks are divided into two categories: those that are free like those that are next to the fire station, and others that are paid - next to the municipal aqueduct.

Since the latter are usually paid, they are also safer.

ATM Machines

There are some boxes next to Porta da Vila (main entrance to Óbidos) and others on Rua Direita (main street of the village), and close to the bus stop, but on these occasions the organization indicates that it is best to be prepared.

Touristic Office

The Óbidos Touristic Office is located before the town walls, next to the Main Car Park (paid).

Restaurants in Óbidos

We know that you are looking for chocolate, however, if you stay for lunch or dinner there are some choices that you should take into account here in the village.

Despite having a little of everything, among the most traditional, Italian or vegetarian we leave here our highlights:

  • Jamón Jamón
  • A Nova Casa do Ramiro
  • O Caldeirão

Hotels in Óbidos

If you prefer to escape the queues and traffic difficulties that sometimes happen, and so instead of returning home after the event and tired, we advise you to book a stay at one of the hotels in the village of Óbidos and thus avoid what we have just described:

  • Casal da Eira Branca
  • Hotel Josefa D´Óbidos
  • Casa das Senhoras Rainhas
  • Praia D'El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort

Our Experience at the Óbidos Chocolate Festival

We been around the venue in previous editions, and our experience is very positive.

Yes, in fact the affluence is almost always great, which makes patience a virtue, but in the end all in all - the visit is always worthwhile.

The variety is always great, between different shapes and shapes as well as flavors, the big brands tend to be present at the event.

And then, of course, there are a number of activities that you can do for free, such as visiting the Óbidos Museum network or making a tour with us and getting to know the village like no one else!

Before or After the Óbidos Chocolate Festival

After having eaten the possible and the impossible now it is time to take our advice and take a walk around the region and discover some of its secrets:

Spot #1 Almagreira Beach

Little known by the general public it is always good to take a walk and have the beach and cliffs just for us.

Spot #2 Senhor Jesus da Pedra Sanctuary

Outside the village is one of the most emblematic works of Óbidos. This XVIII century Baroque style place of worship has a particularity: a set of inverted windows.

Spot #3 D. Carlos I Park in Caldas da Rainha

D. Carlos I Park was born to serve as a convalescence for patients at the Thermal Hospital to have their leisure time. This romantic style park is ideal for the whole family, and as it has an artificial lake during spring and summer, it is possible to rent a boat and be able to row. A unique experience is fantastic.

Spot #4 Rio Maior Salt Mines

This and seeing the wooden houses that constitute the space around them and that sell a little of everything, we highlight once again the fleur de sel.

Spot #5 Boisias Wind Mill

In the municipality of Caldas da Rainha is the place of Boisias, known today for hosting a completely restored windmill, which can be visited only on the first Sunday at a time.

In addition to the part associated with the milling tradition, we highlight the view from the top of the place.

Spot #6 São Martinho do Porto Bay

São Martinho do Porto is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Its shell shape and calm waters make this village an ideal place for a walk by the sea and feel the breeze of the west wind.

Spot #7 Salir do Porto Sand Dune

Right after São Martinho do Porto or earlier (depending on the direction), this town has nothing less than the largest dune in Portugal and the second largest in Europe.

With over 50 meters in height it is the ideal exercise to do with the kids!

Climbing up the dune and then running down or bumping into it (most likely to happen) is a unique adventure.

On the beach of Salir do Porto you can also find the old Customs house, which is in absolute ruin but says that it was from here that the first Portuguese caravels were made that set out for the Discoveries.

Spot #8 Foz do Arelho Walking Trails

Foz do Arelho is known for its one of the most popular beaches for local people during the summer.

Despite its waves and its gigantic sea, the village still has the Óbidos Lagoon, an avenue full of bars and restaurants and even wooden walkways that are on the cliffs of the beach and have a superb view of the coast.

Here photographs are a must! Take yours and leave #GoObidos and #GoCaldas

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