Obidos Sour Cherry Liquor

Tradições de sempre!

Obidos Sour Cherry Liquor: Come and taste it!

Obidos Sour Cherry Liquor the village traditional drink

If there is one thing that stands out from everything else in the village of Obidos it is the Liquor de Ginja (Sour Cherry Liquor).

A spirit drink that can be consumed on a large scale in restaurants, bars, pubs and traditional shops almost on any street in the village and which is one of the hallmarks of this land.

The Ginja liqueur is aromatic and has a balanced alcohol content, which when drunk provides a mixture of velvety and full-bodied flavors, which provoke sensations of great pleasure for those who taste.

We can guarantee that no one is indifferent to you!

He says that the secret to the success of a good Ginja de Óbidos comes from the careful choice of the components that give form to the liquor, and that everything starts in Ginjais.

Then the process goes to the factory where the fruit goes through a hydro-alcoholic infusion that should take months for the result to be the expected one - a perfect liquor.

Nowadays the Liquor has gained a new space, that is, if you want to taste it you can do it in a glass of chocolate where you will discover new flavors and aromas ...

Even the chocolate cup already offers different flavors, black, white or milk, which makes it possible to combine cherry with different flavors.

Take advantage of your visit to Óbidos and find out more about the Castle and the town walls here, or pay attention to the annual events that will certainly delight you and contemplate the many facets that Óbidos presents throughout the year! The Chocolate Festival and Vila Natal are 2 good examples of what we are talking about ...

To this you can also add the possibility of taking a guided tour in the company of GO, which, amidst the history and stories about the town of Óbidos, offers you a glass of the so famous sacred liquor that goes by the name of Ginja.

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