FOLIO Obidos International Literature Festival

FOLIO Obidos International Literature Festival: Visit us!

The revolution begins at FOLIO Óbidos International Literary Festival

In a journey that started in 2015 the FOLIO Óbidos International Literary Festival is a reference in the literary and cultural panorama of Portugal and also internationally.

From that year onwards, great legends of national and international literature travel to the picturesque town of Óbidos to participate in this event that consecrates books, in highlight we have:

  • Salman Rushdie
  • Ricardo Araújo Pereira
  • Gregório Duvivier
  • Mário Zambujal
  • J.A. González Sainz
  • Julián Fuks
  • Mia Couto
  • José Eduardo Agualusa
  • Karla Suarez
  • Rachel Kushner

FOLIO - Places to Visit

There are several spaces filled with so much diversity linked to books by the village that it is always difficult to watch everything. The following is a list of places you should visit:

# 1 Santiago Bookstore

Installed in the Church of São Tiago (12th century), the one closest to the royal residence and hence the favorite. This Church was transformed into a bookshop with the project of the Literary Village of Óbidos.

Here you will find a wide variety of Books, film projections, debates, book launches and exhibitions or have a coffee.

Hours: Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00 - Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 19:00
Tel: 262 103 180
Email: [email protected]

# 2 Market Bookstore

Right in the center of the main street in the village of Óbidos, more precisely on Rua Direita in what was the old refectory of the City Hall. This is also one of the most emblematic spaces that you cannot miss.

Mixed with organic products are old fruit crates full of used books waiting for you. Books in several languages ​​and for all tastes. You will also find Alfarrabista and Rare Books, Travel, Gastronomy and Wines.

Hours: Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00 - Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 19:00
Phone: 262 103 180
Email: [email protected]

# 3 Cellar Bookshop

Espaço Ó located at the entrance of the village of Óbidos outside the walls. Here you can find an innovative project associated with books and literature. Here the books are presented inside wine cases.

In this space you can find a generalist and used bookstore, as well as a wine and snack bar.

Opening hours: From Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00
Phone: 939076997
Email .: [email protected]

# 4 Nova Ogiva Gallery

On Rua Direita and next to the Municipal Museum we find the Nova Ogiva Gallery. Here you can view exhibitions, projections and performances.

In this space you can find a Bookstore, Exhibitions, Projections and Performances.

Opening hours: Open from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed on Tuesday)
Phone: 262 103 180
Email: [email protected]

# 5 Bicho do Conto

This space is located in an old primary school in Óbidos, and says that it was built during the Estado Novo. "This is a Literary project designed to welcome readers from 0 to 200 years old" says the organization once again.

When walking through this space you will find children's books.

Hours: Open from Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00
Phone: 262 103 180
Email: [email protected]

FOLIO turns Óbidos into a UNESCO literary village


According to the organization:

"We count on the contribution of other UNESCO creative cities: Granada and Heidelberg - two creative cities of literature - bring a program that mixes music and literature in the FOLIA section; Montreal, the city of UNESCO Design, will have in Óbidos the stage for a program in the chapter FOLIO AUTORES, and the relationship with Brazil gains new contours with a FOLIO / FLIP partnership under the protocol with EDP Brasil.

At the national level, Óbidos Creative City of Literature from UNESCO was approved to integrate the Plan of Philatelic Emissions of 2017 and in this way the official ceremony for the launch of the official seal of the Republic of Óbidos VILA LITERÁRIA will take place at FOLIO. "

Publishers that support FOLIO

These are the publishers that make FOLIO's success increasingly recognized in Portugal and abroad:

  • Tinta-da-China, 
  • Abysmo,
  • Presença,
  • Gradiva,
  • 2020 Editora (Elsinore),
  • Relógio d’Água,
  • Penguin Random House,
  • D. Quixote,
  • Quetzal,
  • Porto Editora
  • Teodolito...

FOLIO Location

The FOLIO Óbidos International Literary Festival takes place every year within the walls of the castle of Óbidos and in some other exterior spaces of the wall, as is the case with the installations next to the ancient town's Fire Station.

Tickets and Places

As a rule, during the event there are always several events and you only have to choose the ones you most want to attend! For more information on ticket prices and how to purchase your ticket, access the Event website online!

FOLIO Dates and Schedules

Ao to Get to Obidos and FOLIO

Tips about FOLIO

Latitudes Festival as a complement to FOLIO

Hotels in Obidos

Restaurants in Obidos

We know you are looking for chocolate, however, if you stay for lunch or dinner there are some choices that you should consider.

Given that the town of Óbidos is full of visitors and tourists and that this number increases considerably during the date of the events we advise you to book lunch or dinner, here are our tips:

  • Jamón Jamón
  • A Nova Casa do Ramiro
  • O Caldeirão

Places to visit After or Before FOLIO

We know clearly that the West is not a small box of surprises, but one of the big ones. Here you can mix everything up a bit and leave with expectations well met!

So, between breaks for book presentations, colloquia or exhibitions, explore our region. Look what we recommend:

Spot # 1 Óbidos Lagoon

A few minutes from the village you can stroll in what is considered the largest coastal lagoon in Portugal. At about six kilometers in diameter, walking, cycling or bird watching can be the perfect excuse for a sigh in nature.

Spot # 2 Foz do Arelho

One of the beaches of choice for Obideans and Caldeans. Here you can mix nature with water sports and of course the fresh fish and seafood to jump on our plates for lunch or dinner.

Spot # 3 Caldas da Rainha Thermal Hospital

Founded in 1484 by Queen D. Leonor, this is the Thermal Hospital considered the oldest in the world. Tickets must be purchased at the Hospital and Caldas Museum, and our tip is for the visit to the Rainha Pool.

Spot # 4 Peniche

In addition to the new National Museum of Resistance and Freedom installed in the old fort, Peniche is known for the capital of Onda, and its countless beaches are among the best in the West to go to Baths.

Spot # 5 Nazaré

Women who wear seven skirts or the tradition of dried fish are some of the attractions of Nazaré, but nowadays the giant waves mark the scene.

Spot # 6 Alcobaça

Alcobaça is the city of the grandiose UNESCO monastery but also of the lesser known monastery of COZ. Both belong to the Cistercian order and always deserve our visit. Accompanying it is a sweet convent, of course!

FOLIO - Event Photos


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