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Art and Culture in Óbidos: Visit us

Art and Culture in Óbidos: Museums and Galleries

The village of Óbidos has a past and a history that runs through its museums and galleries.

From the estate linked to religion to the painting works of André Reinoso and Josefa d’Óbidos.

But not only, nowadays Óbidos bets on spaces such as the NovaOgiva Gallery to bring temporary exhibitions of contemporary art that are worth visiting.

For all this and much more, come with GO through the narrow sidewalk of the streets of Vila de Óbidos and discover these fantastic spaces.

The village of Óbidos has other attractions such as its annual events that will delight you! Vila Natal and the Medieval Market.

Municipal Museum

Integrated in the Route of the Silver Coast regeion Museums, the Municipal Museum of the Village of Óbidos is also home to the Óbidos Museum and Gallery Network.

This museum was founded by the President of the Republic at the time - Mr. Almirante Américo Tomás and other figures from the old regime were present: June 15, 1970.

The Municipal Museum has a collection of important works, including artists André Reinoso and Josefa d´Óbidos in a painting collection from the XVI and XVII centuries respectively.

André Reinoso was the first Portuguese Baroque painter and his activity was felt between the years 1610 and 1641.

On the other hand, in addition to painting, Josefa d´Óbidos also devoted herself to printing, engraving, clay modeling, design of costumes, fabrics, various accessories and floral arrangements.

Parish Museum

The Parish Museum of Vila de Óbidos resides in the restored S. João Baptista Church and tells the story that was built in 1309 by Queen Santa Isabel.

The church is located near the main entrance to the village of Óbidos and is one of the most important buildings within the castle walls.

In those old days the Church of S. João de Bapista served to support the existing lepers community and later passed to belong to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Óbidos, the institution founded by another of the great queens that passed through the village - Queen D. Leonor .

Recently restored with the support of the City Council, the Church of S. João Baptista, located next to Porta da Vila, is one of the most symbolic buildings and an essential reference of the Heritage built in Óbidos.

The big bet for this space is the temporary exhibitions of medium duration as well as an incentive to study and publicize the artistic and historical assets of the church.

Abílio de Mattos e Silva Museum

The Abílio de Mattos e Silva Museum has its doors open in the building of the old Town Hall of the Municipality of Óbidos and in the Casa do Arco where the artist lived.

Abílio de Mattos e Silva, among many other activities, was a painter, and was connected to the visual arts such as theater and opera, to be visited.


NovaOgiva Gallery

This gallery was founded in 1970 as well as the Municipal Museum of Vila de Óbidos through the sculptor José Aurélio.

It has gone through 3 decades of inactivity and today is an open door to contemporary art, with temporary exhibitions, collections and exhibitions.

The NovaOgiva Gallery is part of the Vila de Óbidos Museum and Gallery Network.

Casa do Pelourinho Gallery

This gallery arises from the need to have a space that would serve as an alternative to the Solar da Praça de Santa Maria, meanwhile occupied by the permanent collection of the Municipal Museum.

The Casa do Pelourinho Gallery stands out for being used for the presentation of events of cultural relevance, such as contemporary art exhibitions for new national talents.

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