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Caldas Industrial Tour

Taking the Caldas Industrial Tour is to know, the places, the stories that make up the legacy, the present and the future of our ceramic industry and that does not end at the Bordalo Pinheiro Faiance Factory or at Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro the master himself, but encompasses other spaces, some still active, others already out of operation but which are part of the identity of the city.

To ensure that you make the most of the opportunity to get to know the history of the ceramic industry in our city, we guarantee you a guided tour of the main elements that are part of this industry, both from an industrial point of view, but also including museological, commercial spaces and notes relevant to our history.


The tour will pass through the tourist route of Fábrica Molde (whenever the Molde Factory is closed (on weekends), the Malhoa Museum will be visited instead), the Ceramics Museum and the Old Bordallo Pinheiro Faience Factory.

In addition, you can also count on the tasty KitGo that will give you to taste the local flavors.

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For Whom?

For all who are curious to know better the History of the Industry in Caldas!

For you who love to discover, who seek to know and know more about the places they visit and who want to somehow take home an experience that is also a trip.

The City Tour - Caldas Industrial Tour is aimed at all ages, visitors, tourists and locals who have the curiosity to venture through the streets and nooks of this western Portuguese city in search of the industrial testimonies they have made and make their own history.

The tour is adjusted to the needs of each one, with several places where they can rest.

For reservations contact [email protected] or 961 481 448.

Generic Information


From Monday to Friday


At 09:30 and 14:00

It Starts from:

Touristic Office of Caldas da Rainha


2 pax: 70€

3 pax: 90€

4 pax: 120€


Under Budget


Local wine and cheese, traditional bread and local traditional dry cakes


Approximately 4 Hours


Portuguese / English

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