Convento de São Miguel in Óbidos


The Convento de São Miguel in Óbidos, is located in the town of Gaeiras and borders the neighboring municipality of Caldas da Rainha.

This convent was refounded in Gaeiras after the first one was abandoned, due to the fact that it was built in a place with few conditions to live.

Thus, in 1602 D. Dinis de Lencastre (mayor of Óbidos) and his wife D. Isabel Henriques started the work, which was continued by their son – D. Afonso de Lencastre.

Among the most striking episodes of the Convent of São Miguel, is the donation of King D. João V, of eight hundred thousand reis for the church of the convent to be completed.

Covento de São Miguel in Óbidos was closed in 1834, within the scope of the “General ecclesiastical reform” where all convents, monasteries, colleges, hospices and houses of all religious orders were extinguished, with religious being subject to the respective bishops, until the death of the last nun.

Convento de São Miguel, Gaeiras, claustro, Goóbidos, o teu Guia Turístico Local

Gaeiras 2510 Leiria PT
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